Great Options!

Looking for options around recovery, feeling better, having fun and living a positive life?

~  Check out Numb No More ~ the book first!

You will refer to your copy time and again.

~  If it’s difficult to control your gambling this site is a MUST! Global Cash Access provides the majority of the ATMs inside casinos. Their “Responsible Gaming” commitment includes their STEP: Self Transaction Exclusion Program. Your credit card will work at all other places, such as grocery stores or shopping, but not in the casinos you struggle with (check to be sure!). It’s just a form you fill out and mail in. Simple. This helps with your planning and gives you a break to get your head together if you’re in a frenzy. Click this link to go there NOW!

~  Juicy Links

  1. How about sharing some gratitude?
  2. Drink from the positive message bottles…
  3. Chewy Lou designs. Wear your positive thoughts!
  4. Inspiring artwork: