Come Back Around

Jun 25, 2015 by

Come Back Around

Are you feeling a little lost? Have you been off your desired track for a while? Focused in an area that may not be good for you? Maybe you’re simply ready for a change.

My hope is that you use this post as a way to turn it around.

Feel free to remove any limits you have on yourself. It doesn’t have to be a monumental step forward. Starting with a single step may be all you need to get your momentum rolling.

Set yourself up for success!

Here’s the deal:

When I run into problems with something I will avoid it like the plague. On an update in April one of my main plug ins for the blog broke and I didn’t know how to fix it. I fiddled around a bit but I wasn’t in a place to see a solution. Obviously if I didn’t write I wouldn’t need to use my blog so I also stopped writing.

Problem solved.

Except that I’m miserable when I don’t write. I feel like a failure when I don’t take care of the important things in my life. Until I decide that I’m ready to make a change. That’s when I will start looking for those tiny things I can do to get going in a better direction.

When I was in a good frame of mind I Googled how to fix that blog error message. And then I tinkered with it until I got it. Now, understand that feeling good or proud is still hard for me, so I waited a few days or so until I allowed myself to get cozy with writing. Consider it my work in progress.

Then I ordered some of my favorite pens. I didn’t need pens, but this kind makes me happy, so I bought them. The day¬†after they arrived I opened the package and doodled.

Can you see the tiny steps?

I finally got to a point that I picked up one of my lovely pens, hovered over a piece of paper and let the ink flow.

Of course, I wasn’t happy with what came out. It needed to be revised, tossed, it was too difficult, etc.

But I started.

When I pick up my pen with the intention of writing it sets the stage for actually writing. Even if all I can do is stare at the blank page I have still made a commitment to show up. Perhaps something profound will ooze out.

I had to decide that I was going to put in the effort. I needed to make it a priority for me. I removed my excuses and then I simply found a small place to start. I gave myself permission to do better.

Think of it as turning on a faucet and watching the water flow.

What have you been wanting to get back to? Turning to something positive helps you fill the void when you’re leaving something negative.

Is it really that easy? Give it a go and let me know how it works for you. I think that when you get that momentum rolling you will be pleasantly surprised.

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