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Mar 30, 2015 by


I can’t say that. Nobody will care about this. I’m too tired. I don’t feel good. I will write in the morning. I need to think more about the ideas. I need a picture. I’ve been gone too long. It’s all wrong.


I sat down at McDonald’s with the intention of writing. I have been really afraid of rejection in life lately which is the exact reason I need to speak up. I think about it all the time so I made the decision to just do it today.

I always get so many other things done when I have a daunting task in front of me. I finally purchased an app I have wanted for a while. I played with it for a bit. I played a game for a while. 

Then I asked myself an important question: What is one small thing I can do to move toward my goal?

I’m a coach, I know these things. It’s just so much easier to help someone else instead of myself.

Can you relate?

The step I took was opening Word. As I looked around it I realized that I was sabotaging myself again. I had chosen something that would make more work for me and encourage another stall.

That wasn’t what I wanted so I reframed it: What is one small EASY step I can make toward my goal?

Ah yes. I could open my WordPress app. That way I wouldn’t have to reformat or copy and paste. I could just type and then publish. 

Easy Peasy.

Of course, I wanted to check my stats first to make sure people were still reading. It helps my ego and gives me a shot of purpose. It had been so long since I’ve used the app I needed to log in again.

And I couldn’t remember my password.

My self sabotage is a master.

I am determined today though. I can’t live with my voice buried inside me anymore. This blog is an important part of my truth and I am working on honoring that.

To begin where I am means letting myself relax and do what I can without focusing on perfection. 

The Real Deal is that it’s better to make some progress than none.

Be Blessed and Hug Your Loves,


P.S. I made the photo by taking a pic of the McDonald’s table and using my new app. Find me @JaneCares on most social media. Feel free to say hi!

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  1. “I can’t live with my voice buried inside me anymore.”
    This is the struggle common to many (if not, all) of us. Trying to make a life without using our real voices or being who we really are…it’s so isolating. So we pick up habits that make us forget in stead.

    Thank you for starting again. We can all take it easy on ourselves, can’t we?

    • Yes Janice! This is clearly making sense to you! It feels so good to get it going again! You are quite welcome. Hand in hand we can remember who we are and change our world. That is truly beautiful.

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