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At the end of my last post I mentioned in my post script that I’ve been doing a ton of soul searching lately. I’ve been looking at my money monster and my money love. Gambling really put the cherry on top of my messed up money mindset! I’m ready to earn money and take care of it again. Gambling doesn’t scare me as much anymore (however, a healthy respect is a very good thing).

I’ve been reading Morgana Rae and her book Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. She talks about a money monster and a money honey. The money monster is all of the ways money has kept you from living the life you dream of. She suggests that creating a relationship with your money energizes it and creates positive attraction and money love. She invites you to give it a face and a body. Really get into the feeling of having money as your lover.

Hey, I’m open to trying new things, so why not?

I started reading it at the end of December. I remember sitting in Chick Fil A with one of my favorite lunches and a good frame of mind. I was open to the possibilities. I didn’t have a problem envisioning my money monster. Think nasty old grim reaper that steals dreams and souls. I could see the image clearly. I walked through the words in the book and I was comfortable with his demise.

On to the next part. Imagine your money honey. Something that was appealing to you (as I type this I’m realizing that maybe I should have made it a chicken wrap). She gave a few examples in the book. They made sense. She stressed the importance of filling the vacuum I just created by ridding myself of this money monster. That made sense too.

Yep, fill the vacuum. Hot, sexy, appealing relationship with money. Uhhhh. Yeah. A month later, and I have seriously spent time with this, I cannot give my money honey an image!


Talk about a block!

Oh geez, wouldn’t it be annoying if even my money honey was rejecting me? It’s time to take a sledge hammer to that damn block. What is it teaching me? I have to wonder if I’m being tested on how serious I am in taking a step into money happiness. I haven’t allowed myself to grow with money in the past.

My gambling helped me develop a dangerous mindset. Yes, I would win. However, I would always lose even more. I wanted the instant gratification and I proved to myself time and again that I wasn’t able to earn the money that I had to win the money. It was magical. I could magically pick the right machine and watch it pay me! Then I proved to myself that I wasn’t worthy of keeping money and that I couldn’t take care of it.

It’s time to change that negatively magical mindset. Like I said, I’m open to trying new things. The negative mindset sucks my energy out of me – just like the money monster and grim reaper I told you about. It makes me feel miserable and want to run away or numb out to escape the suck.

I’m choosing to start getting comfortable with a postive magical mindset. But isn’t magical thinking bad? Here’s the kicker: we live in a magical world and we see exactly what we allow ourselves to experience.

How many times have you said to yourself “Doh, I knew that was going to happen – why didn’t I listen?”

Let’s start practicing our listening skills!

Years ago in my book Numb No More I introduced Jane to the world. As I type this I realize that when I named my intuition I created a magical relationship with her. Even though I haven’t consistently listened to Jane’s voice I know that she is still with me and ready when I choose to listen. That is quite comforting.

Trying new things or mindsets may seem daunting at first.

Remember the key: Just Start.

Blessings my friends,


P.S. Recently I had to drive to the Tampa airport. The closest casino to me now is on the way. I could see it from the road. My thoughts and actions may surprise you. See you on the next post.


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  1. I was following Morgana Rae for a little while (mostly via her email newsletter and a few videos), so I am curious what you thought of the book. I was having trouble getting into her, and I eventually released myself from her newsletter list.

    I get what you’re saying about seeing the thing you’re trying to banish / escape from (“money monster”) more clearly than the thing you’re really wanting to attract (“money honey”). What you wrote about winning the money vs. attracting or making it was very intriguing. I started thinking about my own patterns of thinking around money – and it’s very complicated! It’s like a maze! AND I’m seeing how I’m a bit afraid to find out more.

    Maybe I need to check out this book too…

    • I was hesitant to pay the high price for it but I worked through that. When I got it I remember thinking “well good for her”. She is definitely open to receiving money! It doesn’t have much substance but you have to buy it to see that. I think that the ideas and information can be valuable to shift your mindset though. Lately I have been enjoying Denise Duffield Thomas as well. Maneuvering that maze can be quite the challenge!

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