The Power of Rejection

Jan 9, 2014 by

Have you ever been turned down for a job? What about the time you were turned down for a date?

Rejection stings.

I think that in our every day lives we face rejection continuously.

The service team that won’t let you schedule the appointment when you need them to. The kids that say no to cleaning up their mess. The lover who turns their back on you when you go to bed.

The package rejection comes in can be big or small.

I was rolling this idea around in my mind tonight. Getting cozy with it, if you will. When I feel rejected it may or may not actually be happening. Usually I react to it. I get incredibly scared when I feel unwanted. I go into fight or flight mode. I panic.

If I feel it at the grocery store I can usually sluff it off. When it happens at home I freak out.

As you can imagine, the panic isn’t pretty. If I wasn’t being rejected before I certainly am when my head spins.

My thoughts or feelings focus on the chaos. I look for things to prove my point. See? This is happening. My thoughts become the thing.

Well, here’s the deal: I hate living like that. It doesn’t feel like living. It comes from a very weak and insecure place.

Surely I have options.

I could choose to stay on the same path with my panic mode. Even though it hasn’t brought me growth it has clearly been giving me something major that I need. Yes, I’m saying it. I know that I have a deep, sad subconscious need to be rejected. Seeing my value has always been a challenge for me. I have a 40 year old tape playing in my head telling me that I’m not worthy. This option doesn’t feel good and I am working to get rid of it.

I could choose to shut my mouth  – this is key – until I think through what the hell is happening. Is this real? Does this belong to me or someone else? Is my mom actually the one who wants a quiet house or do I need the silence?

Consider – Is this opening a door for something else? Did I really want that job at Jack in the Box? What if there is something better on the horizon? Maybe the job was truly doing damage to my body and I was being protected from a heart attack. Does a turned back really mean that my lover doesn’t want me? What if it means that I have been such a needy pain in the ass that they need to regroup and try to convince me tomorrow? What if I am being given the space I need to see another door?

Find the gift in this “problem”. My faith has wavered the past few years. I’m getting back to the consciousness of knowing that I am divinely guided in all things. I don’t believe in accidents. I believe in lessons, learning and growth.

The truth of the matter is that if I am truly experiencing rejection, and even if it changes my life, there is a reason and I will make it through. The lovers that rejected me weren’t very compatible and probably didn’t deserve me anyway (I am insanely loyal). The job that retired me did me a favor. Gambling away all of my money gave me a priceless education and drive to help people in a specific way because I know what I’m talking about.

Life is a dance. Learn to see the power in rejection. And, by the way, congratulations on feeling it because that means you chose not to numb out.

Together we have got this!

Blessings my friends,


P.S. I’ve been doing a ton of soul searching lately. I’ve been looking at my money monster and my money love. Gambling really put the cherry on top of my messed up money mindset! I’m ready to earn money and take care of it again. Gambling doesn’t scare me as much anymore (a healthy respect is a very good thing). I’m going to tell you about it in the next post.


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  1. Kathy Reb

    Kim you made my lightbulb turn on about the truth of rejection! You say it well. I understand now. I can embrace rejection like a friend. God bless you. Kathy


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