The Second Day Slump

Nov 9, 2013 by

Changes for me usually have a rocky start.

Typically I will buy a book or do some research on whatever it is I want to change. Then I will forget about it until the habit is bothering me again. At that point I have the material so maybe I crack open my books and go back to the web pages to do some reading.

Change is a bit like dipping my toe in the water just to be sure that it’s uncomfortable. Its like a polar bear swim without a wet suit. Doing something different feels like it would kill me and the anticipation is dreadful.

Typically I can only put in a few consecutive days. I hate that.

Do I really have to live my life according to what I typically do?

Nah. For now I’m choosing to be open to the change.

This morning my hubs and I slept in and left a little early to enjoy a day together. We haven’t spent much time together lately so this was a pretty welcome change. I wanted to focus the majority of my attention on us and I didn’t take the time to write.

I started feeling guilty (for lack of a better feeling word) around 4 or 5 o’clock. I started wondering how I could sneak off and do a bit of writing. That sure defeats the purpose of spending time improving my relationship though. I chose to press on with my priority.

We had a lovely day exploring the coast, climbing to the top of a lighthouse and watching pelicans on the beach. On our way home I came up with a brilliant solution to my writing dilemma.

I told hubs I needed some time when we got home to do some work.

He said that would be fine. That was it. No whining, begging or pleading. No arguing. No drama. Just OK.

I stood up for what I needed and wanted. That is a change for me. I am certainly proud of myself because that is huge! Normally I go along with what he wants and then feel resentment later (dumb, but I’m working on that one too).

At the end of the day I was able to go to bed a winner. I like that.

Grab your own wins in your life. I know that they are in your reach and it sure does feel good!

Take care,


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