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I have been thinking about running for 5 or 6 years now. It seems sexy to me. Of course there are the obvious health benefits. I would be burning fat and building muscle. I would be proud of myself so it would improve my mentality as well.

I watch people running as I am driving or sitting. I look at their form and their speed. I notice how elegant they look. I think about how cool they are. Even when they look like death chugging to the grave it has an appeal to me.

I wish I could say that I took this fascination and ran with it.

I will go. Tomorrow. I have been pushing it to the next day for years.

Think of how far I could have been running if I had followed my first instinct! I could have been in marathons by now!

Instead I let my fears and excuses get in the way.

I will look silly

I won’t make it very far.

I don’t have the right equipment.

It’s too hot.

It’s too cold.

I don’t have time right now.

Where would I go?

My iPod isn’t charged.

I can’t find my ear buds.

I didn’t even make it past my excuses.

My life is a primed canvas at the moment. I am ready and willing to shift some major areas of my life. I have a golden opportunity to make massive change and I am doing it!


Do Something

Do Something

I am starting.

I’m discovering that the first step may not be in the right direction but that’s ok. As I move I am able to gain clarity on where my path needs to go. Doing something is making all the difference. I started knocking out my list of hesitations.

I have been asking my bestie questions because she is a runner. I am using her support to get me into the right frame of mind for actually stepping out and moving. As I get closer to this goal I realized that I need shoes because I didn’t pack any. I want to keep this momentum going so I will have to purchase some. Looking at shoes online overwhelmed me and set me back a bit. There were too many options. I saw that I need to stop shopping, narrow my options and start buying. I need to make a move and take action. Within the next few days I will have new shoes.

I have noticed people running around the apartment complex using it as a track. I can do that. When I move next month I can run around our subdivision.

Weather isn’t much of an issue at the moment since it’s pretty mild here in Florida this time of year. I should be able to get a good habit established by the time I have to move it indoors. At that point I should be able to do yoga or zumba or something active inside.

This is one example of the changes I’m making. It feels good to be moving forward instead of treading water or just sinking.

What have you been putting off in your life? I invite you to do something about it.

Just Start.

Blessings my friends,




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  1. Do it! You have a great frame for running and rhythm comes with practice. I miss it so!

    • Your encouragement rocks! Thanks so much for your support. Now that my desire is spoken it will be easier to accomplish. I hold hope that one day you will be well enough to run.

  2. lois

    Did you start running? How’s it going. Excited ro hear.

    • Well, I have the shoes and they have been used a lot! I have been establishing a walking habit. Just starting where I can.

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