Gambling with the Storm

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In my last post Dealing with the Storm I was explaining that the skies looked mean over the ocean from the beach in Miami. I thought it was interesting to see how different people reacted to this storm. I wondered if there was a comparison to their risk taking in their typical day to day life.

I’m sure that some people left as soon as they saw the clouds forming. They played it safe.

Some people waited to leave the beach. They took their chances.

Some people actually enjoyed the rain for a while. They didn’t seem to care.

I felt the rain drops start and decided it was time to go. By the time I walked a block it was a full on down pour.

Miami Traffic

Traffic wasn’t fun!

That seems to be the story of my life I am fighting!

As I thought about it I realized that waiting and risking it was typical for me. I tend to see the storm looming. I am optimistic and think that it won’t rain on me. I take my chances and stick around until the rain starts. Then, maybe, I will change my course. I tend to be a pretty stubborn and slow learner!

Lets use gambling as an example, shall we?

The machine is just going through a down turn. It will come back any minute now. I will make my money back and then I will go home. I thought I would be fine. My playing level was fine. Surely I wouldn’t get soaked.

I kept gambling and doing my own thing. I was sure my luck would turn. Sometimes I actually did avoid the storm. I would win big and leave the casino triumphant. I would usually return the next day and give it all back. More days like that helped me realize I could have a problem. I saw the clouds looming on the horizon. They were looking mean and intimidating.

I’ve won before. Surely I will win again. The storm will go another direction. Sunshine and roses baby, that’s what I have in my future!

Or not.

So I played more and lost more money. When the skies opened up completely I had a $2ooo/day habit raining on me.

I didn’t respect the storm I saw coming.

It took even longer to “dry out.”

Needless to say it was tough getting back to an Interstate in Miami that night. The entire place was drenched because I waited too long. Traffic was terrible because the roads were wet and flooding.

Things would have been easier if I had left earlier.

Just a few more minutes.

How many times have you said that? What has it cost you? How much time and money have you lost?

I was stressed out by the traffic and the rain. By the time I got home I was cranky and exhausted.

Thankfully I made it home safely. There were plenty of crashes along the way. They weren’t so lucky.

Maybe I need to show more respect. My “it’s fine” attitude hasn’t served me in the past. 

I know for sure that I need to continue getting in touch with my true emotions. I am still learning to honor the warnings and understand what I need to fill my soul. I am working on wanting to avoid the storms. My tendency to thrive on the drama sucks. I remain proud for moving forward.

Blessings my friends,


P.S. What the hell happened? I was supposed to post the day after the last post. As it turns out I didn’t honor my feelings and stumbled into a dark spell. This month is proving to be more of a challenge than I would like. Fall down three times and get up four. My hope is that you are getting up from your dark patches as well. Life has rough spots. Our character is built on how we handle them. Keep going and forgive along the way!

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  1. Great post and great blog. Thanks for sharing your feelings and progress so openly.

    • Hi! You’re welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. You are why I keep writing. I hope you found some gems here.

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