Dealing With the Storm

Nov 22, 2013 by

Recently I was in Miami Beach. I’m pretty sure it’s a small island because I had to cross water to get to it and it didn’t seem to be connected to land. I’m not crazy about being surrounded by water like that, but I was up for a change.

It was a beautiful morning and afternoon in southern Florida. I walked for miles around to the different shops and cafes in the area. I visited the gallery of one of my favorite artists. Seeing Romero Britto’s work as a collection brought me to tears. Later I sat and watched people while enjoying a valencia orange refresher. What a magical experience!

Before the sun set I wanted to spend some time on the beach. It would be a perfect ending to a beautiful day.

Once I got past the buildings of the shops this is what I saw:


I have learned that the storms in Miami mean business. My trip wasn’t complete without spending some time on the beach though.

I weighed my situation.

There is a chance that the storm could miss the area and that it just looks mean. The rainbow to the left of this image showed me that it was raining to the north. Maybe it would stay there. If I get wet I have extra clothes on the car. The rain is warm anyway.

I decided to hang out for a while longer. I happily took some pictures and walked in the sand. The cruise boats were sailing out to sea. There were a few people still out on the beach to watch.

What would you do?

I stayed but that’s not the end. I will finish the story in my next post. I encourage you to take a minute to think about how you would handle this.



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