Big Girl Panties

Nov 11, 2013 by

I’ve been in Orlando for a week now. So far I have either been sitting in the apartment or having my husband drive us around. Learning a new city is pretty intimidating for me. I decided that today I would venture out on my own.

What is the big deal? What am I afraid of?

I’m not really sure why it’s so hard for me. I won’t get lost because I had my phone and I made sure to bring my charger. I have money so even if I did get stranded I could pay for a cab to get home. I have the address of the apartment in my phone. My cat has enough food. The flat iron and the oven are turned off. (If I even have a doubt that they might be on or that the garage door could be open I will turn around and go home. It’s one of my quirks. I would rather sooth my mind than push on.)

What else could there possibly be?

Oh, yeah. I am a drama queen. Even when things are perfectly fine my habit is to search out the chaos.

There comes a point when I need to put on my big girl panties and move forward. Looking for the drama is just exhausting! I’m sure that it has served a purpose for me but it’s time to release it (slowly but surely).

It was good to get out and do my own thing!

The people here in Orlando are so friendly! It feels like a small town even though it has a few million people. I saw teeth from genuine smiles. I heard hellos and how are yous that were sincere. A man even waved at me while we were sitting in traffic.

It took me stepping out of my comfort zone but I was able to experience a beautiful new world. When I was staying tucked in my cocoon I was missing out on that.

Are there things you’re missing out on because you have been choosing to play it safe?

Blessings my friends.


Blogging progress update: I’m noticing that as I take time to think about what I will write during the day I keep hearing a theme. “Fluffy you need to relax” and “you’re such a stuffy turd.” I’m getting frustrated that my posts are so boring. There is always a lesson to learn. What about fun times? Is this blog just a platform to lecture and cram lessons into your brain? For that matter, is that what I’m doing to myself? That is a huge awareness for me. Maybe it’s time to step back and breathe into life a little. I think my intentions of helping remain pure. There needs to be a balance though. Tomorrow I will look at a snapshot of my situation. I’ve been away from blogging for so long that I’m out of the flow. Surely its right in front of me. This has been a wonderful experience in clearing away the rust!

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  1. Maryam

    I love your posts dear Kim. You are so very sincere and authentic, which is probably the reason it is so easy to share with you with life stories and past experiences that it is so difficult to trust many people with. Enjoy life in Orlando and be more confident in your possibilities, your intuition, your sense of humour too. It’s a blessing to know you, even if you are on the other side of the world! I’ll send you an email soon to tell you how I’m getting on with my “towels”, my “big girl panties” and all the remaining stuff you know about! With love mp

    • Thanks for all of your kind words Maryam! I am honored that you have chosen to include me in your life. I look forward to hearing more from you because life is easier with someone who gets it standing by your side. Love ya lady!

  2. Baby “big girl panties” was excellent. Nothing boring there. First one I’ve read…fear of technology. You should write a book. O wait you have. Write a fiction book. Think it would fly. Good work!

  3. Maryam

    Will write soon dear Kim. So much has been going on over here and you certainly are a very loving person who is very attentive to

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