Trick or Treat

Oct 31, 2013 by

A few of the places I went today had employees that were dressed up in their Halloween costumes. My former coworkers were sporting their western themed attire. Kids are going door to door begging for candy.

Today is a time to have fun being someone else.

Today society accepts your bright and colorful self.

Today you get to be a super hero.

Today you are rewarded for being different.

Tomorrow the masks come off.

Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year. Its ok to play and act wacky. I enjoy the compliments from wearing a costume. I like to set my daily life aside and be part of a fantasy land.

Today I didn’t celebrate Halloween with a cowboy hat or a cape. Instead, the movers came to our house and loaded it all up. A hotel is where I call home for a few days. I have a suitcase and a carry on bag to live out of for a month and a half. The costume of my life as I knew it has been stripped bare.

Tomorrow my mask comes off. It’s time for a fresh start. Will you join me?




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