Where Did I Go Right?

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Do you ever wonder what the heck happened to your life? 

While I was living in Phoenix (3 years ago) I was happy, warm and surrounded by a beautiful community of like-minded thinkers. I was able to embrace positive thinking and maintain my spirituality. I attended a school where the students were part of my extended family. Even though I still struggled with some of my demons it was easier to deal with my problems.

Then I moved to Denver.

From the very beginning my mindset was terrible. I came kicking and screaming. I literally dragged my feet. I didn’t want to leave my happy place and yet I needed to go with my family.

As you can imagine, life in Denver has been a struggle. Very little has been easy and I have been challenged to find any sort of flow here. My current job more or less fell into my lap. I felt blessed and amazed to have something go smoothly. It is pretty rare, but when it does happen I am grateful.

Do things have to be easy?

Well yes –  why not?!

Oh, right, because typically we don’t think we are worthy.

Lately I have decided that I am willing to get back to my Phoenix state of mind, no matter where I am in the country. I’ve grown tired of life being so difficult. Although, I must admit, I want a magic pill that makes it automatically change.

I remember what I used to tell myself while I was getting away from my gambling addiction:

I didn’t get here overnight and I won’t get out of it overnight.

There is neuroscience that says we can rewire our brains within a few days (nope, I’m not getting into that). Maybe someday I will train my brain to understand that changes don’t have to happen so slowly. I’m not there yet though.

So for now, my way of doing things is step by step.

Look at it. Write it down. What key steps do I need to take?

I ask myself:

What was I doing differently in Phoenix?

  1. Immediately I realize that my spirituality was far more developed. I had faith that things were working in divine process and that I was loved and cared for.
  2. I had a support system. I met regularly with my friends for tea and we helped each other with our coaching businesses. We provided confidence and feedback while knowing that we each had a purpose to change our world.
  3. I created a vision board and updated it regularly. I think that goes along with the spirituality piece as well.
  4. I went outside more. I enjoyed my surroundings.
  5. I wasn’t working so I had a lot of free time.
  6. My boyfriend (husband now) was working less so he had time for me. I was able to get the attention I needed.

Those are great places to start.

Now, the way I see it, when I incorporate some of those things in to my life I should be happier. So that’s what I did.

I have been working on the spirituality aspect for a few months. I’m opening myself to the wisdom and protection of the universe and my faith is being restored. I started tapping (EFT) a few weeks ago to relieve my anxiety. I have been doing some stretching in preparation for a return to yoga. All of those things bring me back in touch with my place in the world.

I am reaching out through social media to rejoin a support system. Seeing people face to face is ideal but this is a good option as well.

I want a new car and my step forward was putting a picture of the interior as my background on my computer. This will help me create a new vision.

I started tracking my steps taken with a pedometer and I am working on watching what I eat. I haven’t been outside a great deal but I have found that the awareness is an acceptable step for me right now.

My husband and I both work now and I can’t do much about our jobs at the moment. We have intentionally staggered our schedules and I know I’m not getting the attention I need, but I am working on filling my own bucket with my own approval. My relationship is a work in progress and we remain committed.

Did these new steps help?

YES!!! I have noticed that I am more calm, confident and able to handle situations better. I can feel the momentum growing and I know that I am making progress. Of course, I’m not perfect and I’m ok with that.

What about YOU?

Was there a point in your life that you were feeling better? What were the main keys to that? Is it possible for you to reconstruct them in your life right now?

I invite you to make yourself a list like I did to see where you were when you were feeling better. Be kind to yourself as you are making it. Think about specific ways to recreate those feelings in your life now. Try to have an open heart and allow the wisdom to show through. You deserve to have a better life. Happiness is within your reach.

Ok, so stop reading and start doing!







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