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In my quest to get back into the groove of social media I noticed that I was cringing when I saw my “friends” making complaint after complaint.

In a moment of divine timing I saw a ray of light.

One of my marketing “friends” felt the urge to send out a reminder:

You get back what you put out into the world.

I know this to be true. It hasn’t been at the front of my mind for the past few years but I am ready to acknowledge that power again. He too was concerned that so many people around him were using Facebook as a platform to bitch about how terrible their lives are. When you focus on the complaints I believe it’s easy to get sucked into that downward spiral.

Some people say it’s helpful to get the things off your chest. Initially it also gets you some attention from Faceland. Thoughts and hugs go out to you. A community is there to support you.

When you need the encouragement and support I think it’s a good thing to share with your community. Keep it to a limited amount though.

Why does it matter?

What you focus on expands. I understand how easy it is to spiral into a pit of despair, especially when I was struggling with my gambling addiction. When I shifted my focus to the better things in life things started to improve.

I have a friend who posts a picture of a flower most days of the week. I look forward to her little bit of sunshine in a post. She lifts me up and makes me smile.

I also have a friend whose life continually sucks. Things don’t ever get better for them. If something good is happening it is still spun into a poor light. I hesitate to read their posts because it simply bums me out.

Think about this:

When you see certain posts can you feel your attitude change? 

My natural tendency leans toward being a grouch. My grandfather (he raised me) was usually grumpy. Unfortunately I became a product of my environment. He continually saw something wrong with most things. I was an educated idiot. She ate too much. He can’t drive. They are going to slow.

You get the idea.

In other words, I have to work at being optimistic. I have taken it on as a lifelong challenge because I saw his level of discomfort and I know that I don’t want to live like that. Truth be told, I want to live. Walking around with a cloud over my head doesn’t cut it.

I understand that life isn’t always peachy. Seeing things in a positive light helps you work through things more quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to stew in your troubles. Get out of the pot and start cooking up a better life.

We deserve to have the best in life. A positive attitude brings that to us and multiplies it many times over.


Post something positive. Right now. 

If you’re not in a happy space every day see if you can think of something every other day. Take a picture of a flower, a sunset, a happy dog or a goofy looking…whatever. Smile for yourself and spread the joy to others. Cheers for feeling better!



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