Figure Out What’s Going On So You Can Relax

Jul 15, 2013 by

I tossed and turned and hoped and prayed but I couldn’t go back to sleep after my husband left for work at the crack of dawn.


Today is my Saturday. I should be able to sleep in! However, the sun is shining and its a beautiful morning.

Sitting outside at my neighborhood Starbucks with an iced tea sounds like a nice treat. One of my favorite ways to fill my soul is to sit alone at a restaurant reading, writing, working and just watching life roll by. It is a little slice of heaven for me.


As I’m bonding with the sunshine I notice that my mind feels like it’s a cage holding a bunch of monkeys. Normally I can sit and relax but this feels like work today.

Time to evaluate.

What is going on? What do I need in this moment?

I think about my body. I am feeling like a big, fat gorilla today. My stomach makes me look pregnant (I’m not). I feel guilty for getting my tea sweetened instead of using Splenda.

My eyes are burning. I am tired. I think I should take a nap when I leave Starbucks before my lunch with friends. If I don’t take it now I won’t get one. My day is packed starting with lunch.

Okay, what else?

Uh oh, I encouraged the monkeys from the moment I got to Starbucks. I realize that I started my stay with Social Media. I posted a picture on Facebook and then I got sucked in. At one point I had my iPad, book and phone going at once. Yikes.

Where is my solution?

I made a few decisions that would support my needs.

My tea refill had Splenda in it. My conscience was clear on that one.

I committed to taking a power nap when I get home. It will refresh me for my long day.

I have let the monkeys run away. I decided to write about my experience so I can release it. I’m not on my phone anymore. I put the iPad away. I wasn’t remembering what I read anyway.

The result?

I am relaxed. Brilliant.

When you start feeling overwhelmed take a few minutes to see whats really going on. Chances are good that you will feel better with just a few tweaks.

Blessings friends,


P.S. It took me a few days to post this, but I am happy and proud that I made it! Step by step.

Self Care at Starbucks


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