Movie Review: Flight

May 9, 2013 by

Flight (2012) PosterOn one of my recent flights the pilot was standing on the jet bridge greeting people. He was sure to let us know that not all pilots were alcoholic womanizers.

I assumed he was referring to the movie where Denzel Washington played a pilot who flew the plane upside down. That was NOT the image I wanted in my head as I boarded the plane so I quickly forgot about it.

Fast Forward.

A month or so later I finally got around to watching the movie Flight. The opening scenes show his “party” lifestyle with a naked woman (his flight attendant) and then he goes off to work.

The pilot is an alcoholic who uses cocaine to level him out before work.

As I was watching it I found myself marveling at the love affair he had with his alcohol. He simply couldn’t control himself. It was difficult for him to admit that it was an issue. His life was crumbling around him and he still refused to see a problem.

Isn’t that how it goes with addiction?

Denzel’s character got to a point where he knew it was important for him not to drink. He looked at the bottle like it was a lover. He smelled it with his eyes closed, inhaling it’s essence. One small sip and it was over. All of the alcohol in sight was gone in a single drinking binge.

That sounds familiar…

Oh, so many times I have gone in to the casino with good intentions. Sometimes I just wanted to get a bite to eat. I could hear the sounds of the machines as I sat there. People were out there winning. The lingering smell of the smoke was comforting to me. The food was good, I was fat and happy. Maybe I would just play a few dollars on the way out.

One twenty dollar bill and it was over. The slide had begun and the checking account would eventually be drained.

Back to the movie.

I look at things differently since my gambling mess. I work to learn from my mistakes and build on my progress. Flight was an entertaining representation of the destruction addiction can cause. It was also a beautiful way to show that there can be hope to live a better life. It all depends on what you do with it.




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