Happy Go Lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 19, 2013 by

“Remember to wear the green today. It’s bad luck if you don’t!”

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day a group of friends and I were talking about lucky charms this morning.

I began to reminisce about the precious lucky rabbits feet I had as a child. My grandmother bought them for me and they were pretty special. Lucky, indeed. That is, until a friend pointed something out:

It wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit.

Oh, right. I decided to do a little bit of research on the “luck” of the Irish. It turns out they weren’t so lucky after all.

A couple of things happened for me.

A few of my stereotypes were broken. 7 Lucky Facts about St. Patrick’s Day talks about cranky little fairies (leprechauns) and why the Irish were deemed lucky. Apparently Irish folks were thought to be incompetent and when something went right for them it was “lucky.” Did you know that the Plumber’s Union turns the Chicago river green each year? By the way, no fish are harmed in the process. It’s quite beautiful really. You can find pictures and video at Green Chicago River.

Going through the day and seeing all the people in green has also been a source of incredible delight for me. I love seeing people with their green bouncy head bandanas and bright green shirts. I love watching the enthusiasm of their playfulness.

As a gambler I had so many superstitions. I find that they still linger but I’m open to the idea that they aren’t real now. Days like today remind m…

[Ok, so here comes the frustrating truth. I was moving right along with this post and was sidetracked by a work…thing. I debated on whether or not to scrap the post. Maybe I should just call it a missed opportunity. Or maybe I could use it as a learning opportunity. Learning it is. Today is the 19th. It still has good information. Wear green if you’d like.]

I’m open to changing my belief system now. I must admit, old superstitions die hard. I’m still nervous about going under a ladder. I did wear green on the 17th. God forbid I should ever break a mirror.

The difference now?

When I see these “lucky” or “unlucky” signs I don’t automatically equate them to gambling. It feels good to be free.

Blessings my friends,


P.S. This post was a fantastic learning experience for me. 1) I don’t have to be “on time.” My time is on time. 2) I don’t have to be perfect. 3) I still want you to see my thoughts. This is, after all, a peek into the life of a recovering gambling addict.



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