Say Yes to Compliments!

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I love giving people genuine compliments. I mean, I am insane about taking the time to pass along something positive when I see it. Usually the designs on women’s nails stand out. There are some really gorgeous nails out there! Or hair color – anybody that can pull off a bright purple or blue gets mad props from me! People using manners capture my attention as well. A Thank You goes miles in my world. Their reactions to my compliments usually fill my heart with joy.

Think about the last time you got a compliment.

How did you react?

Something happened to me last month that changed my view of this whole thing. It felt like a board came out and smacked me upside the head.

Recently I was at work minding my own business. A lady walking by got my attention and said

I just wanted to tell you that you’re really pretty.

I thanked her and when she was gone I turned to my coworker and asked him how much he paid her to say that. He immediately shot back that he didn’t have to pay her when it was the truth.

Why would I say that?

I’m pretty sure it’s because I have fairly low self-esteem right now. I feel like a fool. I’m still frustrated that I gambled all of my money away. I feel like a big failure. I don’t feel worth while and I certainly don’t feel pretty. I haven’t forgiven myself and I sure don’t give myself much slack.

In other words, my head is messing with me. As usual, I needed something drastic to show me where I was at in my thinking. When I actually think about it I know that those nasty things aren’t true.

Words are powerful!

A random stranger with no agenda was able to snap me back into my belief system. I usually make it a point to tell people how I feel about them and to compliment them when the opportunity presents itself. I get so caught up in focusing on others that I forget I need to hear good things as well. These positive things don’t just come from other people! I need to compliment myself too! I still find it challenging to look inside and take care of business in my head.

Slowly but surely I am becoming a healthier person. Gambling addiction took so much of my life and set me back in so many bizarre ways. I am blessed that I have the opportunity to practice living while I grow and learn more each day. I’m happy that you’re on this journey with me.

What are YOU missing?

Take a few minutes to say something nice to yourself. The next time someone gives you a compliment do your best to smile and allow it in to your soul. You truly are a wonderful person and you deserve the best!





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