The Effect of Information Overload

Jan 27, 2013 by

Do you ever feel like a deer in the headlights of life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed already? Skip to the bottom to read the steps to fix it. Seriously. If you need to, go! I understand.

Even “simple” things have become difficult. I was shopping for some shampoo the other day. Is my hair colored, frizzy, dry, extra dry, damaged, ethnic or extra dirty? Lets go with dry. Now, do I want it to smell like pineapple, watermelon, coconut, soap or nothing at all? Ok, how big do I want the bottle? Should it have a pump so it’s easier to use in the shower?

There were so many choices. I tried to make a responsible decision that would best suit my needs. I thought about it. I debated it in my head. Then I realized I just wanted to wash my hair. I wanted to give up. I was overwhelmed and frozen. Over shampoo.

Is that crazy?

I noticed that the more choices I have the more frozen I become. At work I see lots of books I want to read. I was taking home every single book that caught my eye. I had a pile a mile high. The books that brought me so much excitement at work turned on me. I started looking at the pile feeling burdened. I had to keep renewing them at the library. I found that I didn’t make the time to read them so the pile just kept growing! As the pile grew so did my anxiety. I started escaping into my Bejeweled Blitz more so that I didn’t have to worry about what I “had” to read. I was numbing out to run away from something that was supposed to bring me joy.

THAT is crazy!

Now that I have realized the problem I am working on solutions. I am learning to filter out only the books that really excite me. If I am faced with a shampoo decision and I start freezing I just pick one. Literally. Whatever I end up with is just fine. I’m learning to relax. I’ve been overthinking things. I’ve been putting too much weight on my decisions. I haven’t been going with the flow. I understand that I have had a death grip on my life and I need to let go so I can get my creativity and drive back.

Even thinking about this post makes me crazy!

Crazy, crazy, crazy. I’m seeing a theme here. The bottom line is that I’m burying myself with stuff. I’m impulsively thinking that I need it and in the end it’s making me feel worse. I don’t want to feel worse.

Here are my steps to feel better:

  1. Make the time to sort through what I already have. Stop running, sit and sort.
  2. Return items I don’t need or want any more. Get them off of my piles.
  3. Read and use the things I like. Now. I mean, right now. Just do it.
  4. When faced with a decision put a time limit on it. Shampoo shouldn’t take that long to pick.
  5. Place a limit on the amount of research I do for anything. Last time I did research I took so long the price went up. Seriously.
  6. Relax and breathe. This is not rocket science. 5 years from now I doubt I will give a rip how I washed my hair.

Now go! Just DO IT!!




P.S. I recently read that Colgate has 32 varieties of toothpaste!


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