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When I gave birth to Numb No More I didn’t realize I would be promoting it 3 years after the fact. Hell, I didn’t think anyone would even buy it. Why would people want to read about little old me? Oh, right, because I spill my guts and speak truthfully and openly about gambling problems.

As I’m sitting at my author table I realize that gambling addiction can be such a bummer to talk about. People seem to be hesitant to walk up to me. If they give me an opening I will usually lighten the situation immediately. I smile, make a joke or ask them how they are doing. Is that a standard ice breaker? I suppose so. I’m typically an introvert, so this self promotion in person is tough. Come to think of it, they should be telling me the jokes!

Are you doing ok now?

Such a sweet question. I want to give a convoluted answer but I know that I have only a few brief moments to make an impression.

Yes, I am doing better now. Life is pretty amazing!

That is the truth. Life is pretty amazing. I have a full range of feelings now that makes me realize just how dull and limited life was while I was gambling. Although, I’d like to start working on the upper range of feelings now, thank you very much.

Keep it upbeat Kimberly. Don’t be such a downer. Show them what a great world it is in front of them. Just on the other side of gambling you can find the true pot of gold.

Is there really a pot of gold? How do I explain that recovery isn’t all glitz and glamor? How do I tell them that there isn’t a magic pill?

How do I explain that life, even after addiction, is what you make it?

Would that sell books? Would that make you read my blog? Or would that just make you cringe?

We all have choices in life. Not making a choice is a choice.

What is your motivation? Are you comfortable with your habit or addiction? You may not be at a point in your life where you are ready to quit gambling. The pain of things at home may be too big for you to handle. Gambling can provide a band-aid for you. It’s an escape from reality. Trust me, I get it. The hard part is that you may feel better for a little while, but you are actually creating more problems for you to deal with in the long-term.

Well that’s no fun, so let’s not think about it, right? Where is the next win? It will turn around any second now. I carried those attitudes through life. It wasn’t about the work I did, it was about the luck of the draw. Not very empowering, is it?

I wish, with all of my heart that I could give you a single, solitary answer for healing your pain. The truth of the matter is that this little book will definitely impact your life…if you choose to let it. Any or all of the tips in the book could be used to help you feel better and move yourself away from your addiction…if you choose to use them. Maybe even reading this blog helps you realize that you could be doing things differently…if you’re ready to hear it.

If you’ve read any of my work you know that I quit all the time. It wasn’t a cold turkey and I’m done with gambling. I’m a stubborn woman. I knew I had a problem and that something needed to change. And yet I gambled and made it worse. I’ve had the gift (or curse) of self-awareness most of my life. I know what I need to do, but I usually just don’t want to. And if I don’t want to it’s not going to happen.

My life is my choice. Admittedly, some of my choices are better than others. I sure am doing my best to figure out this whole feeling thing. I make progress with my personality and each and every day is another opportunity to learn and grow. I’m not a slave to my gambling any more. That, to me, is priceless.

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