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I believe that life will repeatedly show me things I have to work on. If something keeps coming up then it’s probably important and it needs to be looked at. I have noticed lately that determination has been popping up like weeds in the spring. My determination sucks. I mean, it needs a lot of work.

One of my coworkers is training for a competition. His schedule is grueling. He started by working out at least 6 days a week. He cooks for about an hour a day just to prepare proper meals for his day. He eats around 6000 (yes, 6000) calories per day. He literally forces himself to eat and train. Apparently it’s a mindset.

Every day I see him I work to make it a point to ask how his training is going. At the moment he is Taking 3 days off to allow his body to repair itself. He had arrived at a point where he was sore all the time so he realized he needed a break. During this phase he continues to eat, and eat, and…yep, eat.

What does this have to do with gambling?

I have been using his training as a metaphor for the dedication that’s required to change parts of my life. I have such a lackadaisical attitude and at this point it really feels like I’m just not going anywhere.

What is the right amount of dedication?

I suppose that depends on what kind of a person you are. My friend has his “road to the championship” in mind. He eats, breathes and lives his training. He is totally dedicated to winning. He sees it in his mind. He envisions the steps after his win. He even enlists help from his daughter to support him.

I listen with admiration and wonder. I have never experienced that amount of dedication to something!

Ah, wait for it…yes I have!

I was completely dedicated to my gambling!

Perhaps you can relate?

So now what?

1. Figure out where you want to focus.
2. Make a step toward that focus, even if it’s a tiny step.
3. Keep making those steps.

* Re-evaluate*

Is this really what you want in your life? Is it going the way you’d like it to? What tweeks need to be made to see greater success? What are your shining points?

Be sure to acknowledge yourself for making progress to change things in your life.

Blessings my friends.

P.S. One of the steps I have made in my life is that I went to my first grief group last night. That was HUGE for me. Watch for the post in the next few days.

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