Why Does It Matter?

Mar 19, 2012 by

The new year has come and gone. Resolutions were made and have probably already been abandoned. We have such high hopes for this symbolic time of change. Truth be told, each and every moment can be seen as a new opportunity to work with the things we’d like to do differently. That is, if we see it.

Why does it matter?

Recently I was sharing my excitement about my book sales doing better than usual. And yet I was sad that I didn’t know how the people were finding out about my book.

In other words, I turned it into a negative thing.

A friend asked a priceless question:

Why does it matter?

I began with my rational reason that having the metrics would allow me to beef up those entry points so I could help more people find the book.

In the middle of my answer I realized that it was bullshit. If I did have the metrics, at this time in my life I would manage to sabotage the progress.

That was an important awareness!

I know that I have been stuck in “not good enough” mode for quite a while and I have been noticing that I’m setting myself up all over the place. Another friend let me know that I am controlling my failure so I can at least be in charge of something in my life.

It seems to me that I am experiencing some addiction to drama and failure…and its reminiscent of the same way I messed up my life with gambling. Something inside me is still set to fail. Sigh.

Now I see it.

Each and every time I can recognize a pattern I’m in I have the ability to do something different. I’m ready for the change. I’m tired of the craziness. I’m stressed and getting physically sick on a continual basis. Even my body is rebelling to all of the drama!

Take action!

I’m actively working on relieving my stress. I have meditation books, cds and I am making the committment to take more relaxing baths. I have enlisted the help of my coworkers as well. When they see me stressing out they are going to tell me I need to relax. Having the accountability from outside sources will help me succeed. I am taking my life seriously and I’m choosing to make myself a priority. I’m working on choosing success.

Can you relate?

You may not have issues with a book or stress. Your problems may be something entirely different. The point is that you come to an awareness of what is truly happening and that you choose to take action to change things. Make a plan and set yourself up for success. We have suffered enough already, don’t you think? Here’s to making 2013 our best year yet!

Blessings my friends,



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  1. JB

    Your book helped me so much! I felt as if you were describing my life and how gambling made me feel. I too am focusing on myself this year and have found a short meditation that has really helped. It’s available on iTunes, from Deepak Chopra’s Blissful Sleep album. It’s called Anapanasati Mindful Breathing. It’s only 8 mins. long, but it truly is relaxing and calming. Have a great 2013 and thank you so much for writing that book!

    • You’re welcome. I’m so happy to hear that it helped you! And thank YOU for helping me. I downloaded the Mindful Breathing but I haven’t listened to it yet. I am excited to try anything that has potential to improve my life. I think that 2013 will definitely be better for all of us. Blessings and keep in touch!

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