Is Gambling the Devil?

Jul 15, 2011 by

Through the years I have heard my fellow gamblers say they felt like they needed an exorcism because they were possessed. In their minds they were being controlled by the Devil. All things gambling were made by the Devil. Gambling was the root of all evil.

Surely the Devil had taken over their bodies and made them gamble. Surely if they were more faithful and leaned on their Higher Power they would be able to shake their gambling problems. Surely if they could be morally clean they would be living better lives without the Devil making them so miserable. Surely it wasn’t their fault.

You know, the Devil made me do it.

I would always frown at them and wonder where in the hell they got that idea.

The Devil didn’t make them do it. THEY made themselves do it. THEY fed the machine money. THEY pushed the buttons. THEY told the lies. THEY ruined their own lives.

Blaming their problem on something outside themselves gave them permission to remain weak and out of control.

I always knew full well that I was the one screwing up my life. It would be easy to blame my childhood. Or my divorce. Or living in Reno. Truth be told it was a combinations of reasons and I had no one to blame but myself. It was up to me to get it back together.

Choosing what to believe is critical to the healing process.

It seems obvious to me that you are doing yourself an incredible disservice when you choose to believe that something outside of yourself is responsible for your life. If you have no say in things then I think you’re constantly walking on thin ice just hoping the powers that be aren’t displeased.

Believing in Jane and a positive Higher Power helped bring me comfort. It felt as if I had someone holding my hand as I went through my troubles. Having faith seemed to sooth my frazzled nerves. I never used it as a substitute for my own strength.

Give credit where credit is due. You are a powerful being. Don’t give it away to some excuse behind flames and smoke. That is one sure way to get burned.

Choose to create your great life. You deserve it!


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