Finding My Own Muchness

Jun 27, 2011 by

Over the past week or so I have noticed that the things I have been drawn to read are on finding my oomph, that inner sparkle, that place where I am most comfortable. My saucy self.

By reading my blog I bet that you couldn’t really figure out who I am…the true Kim. Maybe I’m more transparent than I realize. I know I’ve been working on keeping my chin up and send an upbeat message of encouragement. And that is the reason I haven’t been blogging much. I have plenty to say, but I’m not sure it would be “appropriate”. Ugh, I’m still stuck in that and it feels like a giant suit that doesn’t fit me.

So, thanks to the inspiration of and my friend Piperlyne I am choosing to be ME. I know I don’t need permission…even though I think I’ve been waiting for it. So much waiting… This is MY blog. My truth will touch those it needs to connect to, including myself. This I know for sure.

For the next 21 days I am going to talk about where the past 2 years of recovery has taken me.

I switched addictions.

I filed for bankruptcy.

I went through a few major life transformations that “should” have been positive but are truly crushing me. I struggle to live in the now instead of stuck in my past.

My thoughts on gambling and where I am with it have changed.

I will share ME. I am bearing it all.

21 Days of the Raw Truth.

I know, without a doubt, that this cleanse will be good for all involved. The Truth will set us free. I believe that to the core of my soul. Maybe it will even inspire you to clean out your own life. I welcome you to join me.

Oh, and I want to know what you think. The truth. Am I being selfish, stubborn, uplifting, annoying, etc.? Share your own thoughts and experiences too. It’s time to stop wading through the muck and avoiding the big issues.

P.S. If you have questions you want me to answer please feel free to ask away…you can message me on


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  1. Good. You being you more is welcome and eagerly anticipated (I like you a lot, btw!). I am in this commitment with you – I decided on 30days last weekend, so we’ll go together for the next 21. You are so wise – the new & current phase of the Mayan Calendar carries the theme of “New points of view and ways of doing things take dominance”. The entire Universe supports your/our efforts in this direction. So, onward… with your community supporting you and cheering you on. We can’t get it wrong.

    • It comes as no surprise that we were both touched and inspired at the same time! Your encouragement and support are always such a welcome blessing in my life. I, too, am right there with you and happy that you are sharing more of who YOU are with the world. You remain one of my most unique and precious soul family members! We are exactly where we need to be.

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