Rise From the Dead

Apr 24, 2011 by

On this Easter Sunday it has occurred to me that I’ve been seeing a lot of posts saying “He is risen.” I admit, I’m not a religious person but I do have a tendency to find a lesson in most things.

Don’t we all go through phases in our life where we need to rise from the dead?

When I get stuck in the rut of a habit or addiction I sure don’t feel like I’m alive. Doing the same dreadful thing, over and over doesn’t help me feel better. It isn’t feeding my soul. Is that really living?

We all have our reasons and excuses for staying in the same awful job. The same home that you have outgrown. The same unhealthy relationship.  The same harmful mental patterns that tell us how little we deserve and how terrible we truly are.

Maybe today would be a good day to look at our life. I mean, really look at it. Where have we died and what needs to happen to breathe life into us again? What steps can we take to truly feel better?

Give yourself permission to grow. You deserve the best.

P.S. I will share my personal discoveries below in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you as well. Blessings my friends.


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  1. Today, as I was thinking about where I felt “dead” in life I was struck by how far in the past I was existing. I have been looking at relationships with myself and others through cloudy lenses. The people around me are not the same, and I know that I have changed as well. So, I’ve realized that, in order to live, I need to bury the past in the past. It’s ok to let it die. I am convinced that it will truly save my life. My plan is to live more in the now and to let people change. The step I’m taking to move toward that is writing myself a sticky note to remind me. I do love a good sticky note :o)

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