Stop Wasting Your Time

Mar 27, 2011 by

Living life as a slave to my gambling addiction proved to be not really living at all. If I wasn’t gambling I was still thinking about it. My main focus in life was when I’d get to play next. I would spend hours at a time, day after day sitting in the darkness of a smoke filled, neon lit casino.

What a waste of my time!

When I was gambling I would have cringed about doing something I enjoyed before I had destroyed myself with a big loss.

Now, as part of my life after gambling, I am striving to live my life with feeling instead of numbing myself out whenever possible. I am learning to take advantage of the time I have during the day. I like to look at life as an adventure and discover new things I enjoy doing. At the very least, I experiment to see what makes me smile. I have grown to understand that taking care of myself actually helped me gamble less and doing these healthy things has helped bring sanity back to my life.

Are you ready for a little more sanity?

Not only do I love trying new things, but I love getting them at a discount because I still tend to be a bit cheap. Recently I have discovered the joys of the Groupon. I get to try new things for seriously discounted prices.

My latest adventure was a tea tasting and cheese pairing at Wystone’s World Teas in Denver. While I realize this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (ha,ha!), it happens to be something I love. During my experience I learned about various teas by using all of my senses. Stephanie was my tea expert that led me on this journey through tea nirvana. She had me smell a variety of teas. Some smelled literally like dirt, hay and a smoky log. None of those smells appealed to me. The one that smelled like dirt, and this will come as no surprise, actually tasted like dirt! As I was looking over the menu the name Purple Monkey stood out to me. It had lavender in it and it sounded nasty.

I knew that was the one for me!

Why would I choose the one that stood out as a bad thing? I have learned that my head plays games with me. My fear says I won’t like it. I refuse to live that way. So, I push through my reaction and I give it a go. As it turns out, I loved the flavor and I actually bought some to take home. I’m even sipping on it as I type this post.

Gambling closed me off to the world. Today my choices open me back up.

What would you like to try that you have been putting off? Take advantage of the time you have. Enjoy your life!

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