How a Cheeseburger and a Haircut Changed My Bad Attitude

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I hated spending money on myself when I was gambling. I thought there was so much more potential when I put it into a machine. I could win even more money in a casino! The Queens I needed were in that Video Poker game. Treating myself like the Queen was the last thing on my mind.

Now that gambling doesn’t consume me I have better things to do with my money. I’ve been learning to be more open to spending it on lifting my spirits. I work on breaking my habit of skimping on myself because I don’t feel worthy. I’m growing to know that I am the win!

How can a burger and a hair cut help a gambler feel better?

A few months ago I had fallen for my old ways and tried to be cheap about my looks. I ended up getting two bad hair cuts in a row – one was free when I donated my hair for Locks of Love and the other was one from a beauty school. My hair has always given me great pride, and when it looks bad I find that it really drops my self confidence. I noticed a drop in my creativity and my motivation. I eventually got to the point where I remembered that I was a deserving investment. When I was ready to feel better I decided to treat myself to a day trip that would help me out of my hole.

I made an appointment with a professional hair designer in Phoenix (Hair By Johhy G). I flew down from Denver and really allowed myself to fully experience the magic of the day. I was reminded of how well life flows when I’m in the zone. Johnny was truly a gift to my soul. He spent time listening to me, pampering me and making my hair look great. I left his salon feeling like I was glowing. I noticed that more people were looking at me and smiling. My head was held high and I was open to more positive experiences.

I decided to make the most of my trip and continue the momentum by doing things that I loved. My next step was enjoying my favorite burger meal. The #2 (cheeseburger without onion, plus extra pickles, protein style, fries and Dr. Pepper) at In N Out gifted me with pleasure to my taste buds. I felt even better! On my full belly I toured through one of my old favorites, Casino Arizona. I was able to gain inspiration as I walked through watching people, observing their play and even seeing the frenzy in some of them (think about the speed walk from the parking lot to “your” machine). I soaked up the heavenly feeling of sanity while I was in a casino. I wrote down my fresh writing ideas and then went to my favorite park. After that I met with a friend. I laughed, cried and healed with her. My next stop was dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant with my Phoenix family. Finally, I was off to the airport just in time to make my flight.

Everything flowed. I was able to appreciate a happy day. I have found that sometimes I still need reminders about being positive and healthy. This day was a brilliant solution! It was a fabulous lesson in the importance of doing things that will care for me. My burger and cut reminded me that I enjoy feeling good! I am worthy! I am precious and I deserve the best! My gambling days hid that from me and created a nasty habit of negativity. When I stop caring I slip into an abyss of darkness. I am willing to fight for my happiness.

What’s your burger and cut?

Decide what would help you feel better. Don’t let anything stand in your way anymore. You may have had trouble with your gambling and made lots of mistakes along the way, but you have punished yourself enough. It’s time to enjoy the good life!

Use this moment as inspiration to feel better and take at least one step toward something you will enjoy.

Make a commitment to yourself by leaving us a comment with your desires. Send me an email and I’d be happy to help hold you accountable so you will follow through with it. You can do it!

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