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Numb No More was written from my perspective as a gambling addict to be a broad resource for folks struggling with various problems and for those who want to understand better or help others. I’m moving forward again and my passion is sharing information about great resources I find for learning and growth.

Recently I stumbled on It’s a blog that gives you access to a self assessment test (SAST), blog posts, various events and a newsletter, among other goodies. It is a brilliant way to connect with others and learn more about the struggles around sex and porn addiction. I found that the posts were encouraging and enlightening.

One of the most intriguing resources I found was in their shop. It’s a book by Harmony Dust called Scars and Stilettos and it tells Harmony’s story of making a “living” as an exotic dancer. She has gone on to run Treasures, which is a nonprofit organization that helps women in the sex industry to make healthy life choices. While I haven’t actually read this book, I am compelled to share it with you.

I’ve been recently made aware that I have some followers who are close to this topic and I am optimistic that this website will help.

Do you have any additional resources that you have found helpful? I understand that the majority of my reader base prefers to remain anonymous, so, if you’d like to send me an email with your suggestions that would be great as well.

Remember to subscribe and be sure to share…you never know whose life you will change.

P.S. The picture with this post is with the group Thunder From Down Under. You know your limits. If you aren’t suffering from a sexual addiction they are a fun show to see when you’re in Vegas.

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