When Gambling Losses Get You Down

Sep 3, 2010 by

Do you ever dwell on the past? Do you wonder how you managed to lose so much money? Maybe you think about where your life could have been if you had gone the other way at the last fork in the road.

Is that thinking helping you or making you feel worse?

I noticed that I feel terrible when I focus on my past gambling. I wonder,

What I was thinking? How could I have been so stupid?

I think about what I could have bought with the money I lost. I could have a new computer, phone, iPod or new clothes. I could even be sitting in my BMW X5 right now.

Although I didn’t realize it at first, I use it as a chance to beat myself up for making poor choices.

Now that I know what I’m doing, and the feelings it will bring up for me, I work to turn those thoughts around so they are an advantage. I create a new fork in the road.

I look forward instead of looking back.

When I’m sad about the X5 I turn it into an opportunity to visualize how good it will feel to drive mine when I get it. I start thinking about how the seats feels, the turn signal sounds and how proud I am to own my dream car.

When I’m wondering about my relationship or job choices I think about the qualities that I’m missing and then I make a conscious effort to spin it into what I want to look for in my life right now.

Your brain will start to look for ways to bring the things you’re thinking about to you. Envision something like a tomato. Can you feel the skin, see the bright red color and imagine how juicy it is? Now, see how long it takes to get it to you. It may appear in an ad, the side of a truck or in a farmer’s market you walked by. Keep your eyes open because it will be there!

We have the precious opportunity to shape our lives the way we want them. It doesn’t really matter what your addiction is or was. You can make the choice to move forward now – and continue making that choice over and over again.

Is it really such a bad thing for us to feel better? It takes some getting used to but it sure is nice when we allow it!

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