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Aug 27, 2010 by

One of my favorite things to do is leave notes for waiters. Often times I will use a restaurant as a portable office and their attitudes absolutely have an impact on the things I have to post. When someone makes a deep impression on me I will find a way to tell them. Sharing on a napkin or piece of paper is a tangible way for them to see that they are important. Maybe they will put it in their locker at work, or share it at home. Even if they throw it away they still have had the chance to enjoy it.

I know that money is a more traditional tip. I leave that too. Learning to use money more positively is part of my growth away from my gambling addiction. However, as part of living more fully I choose to add this tip as a bonus.

Anyway, it has occurred to me that a ripple effect comes into play. One of my favorite waitresses is named Rebekah. She is always incredibly cheerful. She spreads light, laughter and joy at every table she touches. In turn I tend to be in a great mood after I’ve spent time around her. This gets passed along to my husband. He passes it along to his employees, passengers and so on. When I write her a note to show my appreciation I feel as though my actions are encouraging the ripple. She isn’t the only person who gets to benefit from my words. And, in the process, I also get to be part of spreading the love.

The biggest lesson I learned from my grandfather’s sudden death was to say what you need while you can – especially if it’s good! We all need to hear that we matter. It is my pleasure to be awake enough now that I can actually feel the kindness of others. It has made a big difference in my healing.

I invite you to spread some of your own love today. Tell someone they have made a difference. You will feel better too!

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