The Thrill of the Chase

Jul 18, 2010 by

I’ve been playing for a while.  Any minute now the machine is going to hit.  I know that it’s due.  $20 more and I’m sure I’ll make my money back.  These are the thoughts of someone who struggles with their gambling.

Even as a normal gambler, the chances are good that these thoughts have run through your mind more often than not.  The adrenaline gets pumping as you anxiously wait for the next big hand or spin.

How can you possibly keep losing?

You just do.  This is where my Jane would come in stronger than ever.  Jane is the name for my intuition or that gut feeling that is trying to help me do the right thing.  I know that you’ve had your own experience with it too.  Everybody has.

Anyway, I would get the sense that I’m just not lucky tonight and that I shouldn’t try to force anything.  I should cut my losses and walk away.  Maybe come back another time.

The trouble is that I’m getting that rush from the mere possibility of winning.  The anticipation of the win really gets my blood flowing.  I feel alive!  I feel like I know what I’m doing.  I feel like I’m good at something.  I get caught up in the lights, sounds and smoke of the casino and all rationale leaves me.

This is not good!

The key to your success at gambling and sanity is to keep this thrill of the chase at a minimum.  If you don’t, your body will become addicted to the rush of chemicals running through your body.  Of course, not everyone has a problem gambling.  Once you feel the thrill and the buzz you must realize that you are in a danger zone.  Your thinking will start to blur and it’s very easy to loose touch with reality.

Isn’t a point of gambling to enjoy the excitement?  Yes!  But when you’re chasing the thrill it stops being fun and exciting.  That’s when it becomes a problem.

Usually a normal gambler will stop the chase by changing machines, taking a break or leaving for the night.  A problem gambler will become more determined to win the money back and will start to pour more and more money into the machine waiting for the outcome to be different.

If you find that you haven’t been enjoying your time gambling and are unable to listen to that small voice you hear (Jane for me) then it may be time to scale back your gambling.  As a life coach who understands problem gambling I am available for sessions to discuss ways for you to regain your freedom from gambling.

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