Who Do You Think You Are?

May 10, 2010 by

Locks of Love Donation

Locks of Love Donation

Well, who DO you think you are?

Are you stuck with something that someone told you when you were growing up? Maybe it was someone in high school who told you that you were the meanest person they ever knew. Maybe it was a first grade teacher who said you were really great at word problems.

We hear good and bad things as we go through life.  Now that I’m Numb No More and living in the world of the feeling I am realizing just how many bad things I’ve been dragging around (this is an example).  My gambling addiction and choice to stay numb was my attempt to get away from the pain I was suffering.  I have a chance to look at it now and I’m realizing that I was around some mean and hurting people.  I don’t think they even realized what they were doing to me.  They were numb and blind to so many things too.

What’s the point?

I’m tired of being who THEY thought I was.

I’m tired of giving my power away to someone else.  I want to decide what I like and who I am.

I AM…precious.

You have the power to choose who you are…I hope you choose to step into your greatness!   I’d love to hear your thoughts so please be sure to leave a comment before you go!

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P.S.  I am someone who takes pride in providing donations to Locks of Love…

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  1. What an excellent post! It’s a tough transition to go from hurting so badly from all the opinions of others, into someone who feels and thinks and can recognize personal successes and strengths. When it hurts, its easy to hide behind all the things that are bad for you…and only offer temporary happiness. I’ve never had a gambling addiction…but I’ve always been intrigued by the high of it. But with the way I obsess and addict myself with things that keep me from my potential…I’m sure we’ve felt a lot of the same feelings.

    • Kim Pottle

      Thank you! I believe that we are all addicted to something in one form or another. The feelings of the highs, lows, pleasure and shame can be similar and help us realize that we all have a common bond. There’s power in knowing that someone else feels the way we do and that they are able to make choices to make it out feeling better than ever!

      What’s one thing you could do to step closer to your potential?

      Welcome to Numb No More…big hugs!

      P.S. I’d love to answer any questions you might have about my personal gambling addiction…or anyone else reading this may have as well! (Lol, or you could just buy the book…it tickles me to say that :-) ).

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