What Can a Bloom Do?

Apr 26, 2010 by

Blooming roses: something simple and yet so profound.

When I was over my head in gambling drama I didn’t want to do much of anything other than play poker or video slots. I was escaping from the pain of the real world and I didn’t have any room for color other than the neon lights or smells other than the smoke.

Since I made the decision to become Numb No More I have been able to re-discover what I enjoy. I use roses as a reminder for me to stop and take the time to breathe in and relax. There’s a park with a beautiful rose garden and a lake near my home. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I will make the trip and soak in the environment. When the roses aren’t blooming there are still birds, turtles or people at the lake. There is always something going on that brings me peace and calm. It fills me with a knowing that I am safe and protected (Jane is always with me).

It feels so much better to take care of myself than to go to a casino. I am proud of my decision. The steps I make that take me away from a poker machine are more steps closer to a fulfilling happiness that no casino could ever bring.

Yes, the roses are blooming.

So am I!

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What do your blooms look like? Please share what you have done instead of your habit…

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  1. Thank you Kim & Jane! I always feel the truth of your posts so clearly that the deep resonnance moves me to share what gems I have found too.

    I have made healing with EFT my habit! Working on my own issues as they come up – so often triggered unexpectedly by every day situations & loved ones – has become my “fix”…no pun intended! Facilitating for others is a great honor, and also an oportumity to share the gift of awakening by holding even more strongly that secure safe space that allows another to feel the courage it takes to walk through their own dark time with eyes & heart wide open. Courage is not the absence of fear…it is the willingness to move toward something that is more important than the fear.

    You’re an inspiration to so many and I thank you for gifting (me and) the world with your awakening, understanding, & insight…you’re the best coach EVER!!!

    • Kim Pottle


      You’re welcome…and thank YOU! I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything without having the support of such wonderful people around me! Your EFT practice has been an earth shaking gift to me and a huge part of my recovery (please be sure to check out Amara’s site at http://www.relieftoday.net ). My hope is that you will be able to help many more with it.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share with us! By the way, your “fix” was funny…thanks for the laugh too 😀


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