Do You Watch People Win While You Are Losing?

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As you’re going along, playing this game of life, do you ever notice that people around you are succeeding while you are struggling?  What goes through your mind as you look at them?  I have a tendency to think, “Good for them, why can’t that be me?”

Why can’t that be me?  I would like to offer several options:

  • You may not be ready for it yet. What if you have more to learn from your struggles so you can pass your journey on to others someday?  If you won the lottery today would you really be ready to be a good steward for the money or would you just blow through it like you do now?  Consider clearing up some of the painful junk in your life.
  • You may not have the right mindset. Do you really believe that you deserve to win…to be safe, comfortable and whole?  Perhaps you have been told that you’ll never amount to anything or that you’re not worthy.  (Write those crappy, hurtful thoughts on a piece of paper.  Throw them away! Now!)  You want better for yourself?  Claim it because it’s yours!
  • It may not be the right thing for you! What if you only want something because someone told you to want it?  I was always told that writer’s never made any money and that I needed to get a college education instead.  I graduated…and don’t do a thing with my degree because my heart wasn’t in it.  Live your life for YOU!

A few years ago I heard a story about a daughter cooking a roast.  She cut off the ends because that’s the way her mom had taught her.  One day she asked her mom why they cut off the ends.  She wondered if the meat wasn’t as tender or something.  Her mom said that it was the way her mom had taught her.  One day they asked the grandmother why she cut the ends off.  ”Because the roast was too big for the pot I had.”

Are you living your life according to someone else’s recipe?  Whether you’ve been taught something bad or are simply impatient to get going, you hold all the cards.  Take a look around…no, not out thereinside yourself.  The answers are closer than you know.  For more on this, I’d like to introduce you to your Jane…or John.

A final thought: Do you know what your win is?  How will you know when you have it?

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