The Golden Rule and The Imposter Ruling MY Life

Jan 7, 2010 by

You got Yourself into it, now get Yourself out of it!

Most of the time, under normal circumstances, I think I am able to treat people the way I want to be treated.  The thing I’m struggling with lately is that I haven’t been able to relax and be myself in my relationships for a while.  I find that I spend too much of my time in a panic about whether or not the relationship is going in the “right” direction.

That’s what I’m facing in my life at the moment and I want to take a look at it.

  • What are “normal circumstances”?   Am I living my life looking to some other time when really I need to be focusing on where I am now?  Shouldn’t that be my normal?
  • If I need to “relax and be myself” who am I being?  And am I really a relaxed person?  Even asking the question seems to be pressured.
  • “I spend too much of my time…”  Well then how do I want to spend my time and what am I willing to do to change it?
  • Panic…PANIC…is ruining my life!  I want to remember to breathe and let go of my desire to control everything.  That’s what panic is for me.  I don’t see things going the way I want them to and I scramble to make it happen.  Only it makes things miserable!  Relax and let go…
  • Why do I think my relationships may not be going in the right direction?  They are happening exactly the way they should!

These things are coming up for me as reminders that I’m a toddler learning how to walk.  What?  I spent so much of my life running away from my emotions that I am just now figuring out what they look like.

When I take a few minutes to stop and look at what is facing me I realize that I have some adjustments I want to make.  For me.  I don’t have to do it for anybody else.  I want to feel better and I have a commitment to myself to make that happen!

Which problems have been showing up in your life?  What adjustments are you ready to make for yourself?  Live your Life with Feeling!

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