Shake the S–t Off Your Shoe

Aug 11, 2009 by

What have you stepped in lately?

Is it possible to see problems, habits and addictions in an amusing and helpful way?

Yep.  Here we go.

There are times in life when you step in the middle of a big steamy pile of poo. When you realize you’ve done this smelly thing you have options:

  • You could keep walking and hope that it will eventually wear off. This occurs when we are in denial. You know, “I don’t have a problem.”
  • How about pausing for moment to take a whiff? Something smells a bit off but you choose to postpone it and keep moving. “I will quit the next time I (insert your favorite ‘this is the last time’ experience here).”
  • Then there’s the possibility that you saw it coming but got distracted and stepped in it anyway.  “I won’t get hooked the first time.  That only happens to other people, not me.”
  • You could always look down, see that the mess exists and decide that it stinks and you aren’t going to take it anymore.  Then you get  it off your shoe.  “I’m tired of wasting my life on this stupid problem (habit, addiction).  This has got to stop.  Now.”  At this point you might go get a book (Numb No More is a great one), find a meeting or phone someone who can help.

Choose to shake the s–t off your shoe.  Create a better life for yourself.  You deserve the best you know.

Tell your story.  Share your thoughts with a comment or two.

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