Addiction…with a twist

Aug 7, 2009 by

Addiction can be such a dreadful topic.  You already know that it sucks and that you aren’t happy.  It’s like there is a dark cloud hanging over it.


Lets look at it differently.  Everyone is addicted to something.  Shopping, shoes, smoking, tv, cookies, ice cream, Starbucks, pills, drugs, gambling, sex, internet….I think you get the idea.

So what’s my point?  When you are ready to be done with your habit it will be easier to kick if it isn’t so dreary.

How can we make that happen?

  • Decide you’re ready to do better.
  • Focus on the positive of where you want to be.
  • Take steps toward that goal without looking back.
  • Prepare yourself to enjoy your success.
  • ENJOY!!!

I understand that you have probably been holding a shovel and digging yourself a grand canyon.  Ok, so what?  Don’t you think you’ve beaten yourself up enough with your addiction?  What good does it do you to look back?  Sometimes I use it as a reminder of where I don’t want to be.  If I start the beatings I shift my focus.  I hurt myself long enough.

Let yourself do better.  It’s time.  The world needs you.

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